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Did You Say?
Custom Curtain Sizes

Did You Say custom beaded curtains and door beads?

We sure did because sometimes our standard 36" x 72" size isn't standard for you.

Until now, we did not advertise the fact we could do custom sizes. This service was only offered to those who inquired, and were generally only accepted as large commercial projects. As time has passed and our beading skills have been honed, we are able to offer custom sizes to all. However, due to the amount of labor required, the minimum for a custom sized curtain is $100.

If you need a style in wood, glass, acrylic, bamboo, metal, etc. not pictured below, we still do beaded curtains custom to your specs at .

At this time, is offering custom door bead and beaded curtain sizes in the following styles:

Black & Tan

If you are interested in having a custom beaded curtain made, please contact us with your custom beaded curtain request.

*Please note, the minimum for a custom size is $100.

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