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Did You Say?

Did You Say? Door Beads & Beaded Curtains, should read...

Did You Say? Friendly and Helpful Customer Service, Quality Products, and Great Prices.

But, we knew the latter should be expected, which is why DidYouSay? Door Beads and Beaded Curtains was created.

After placing many orders for door beads from other online retailers, we were more times than not dissapointed with the quality of the beaded curtains and poor, or all together lacking, customer service. Since we had created e-commerce sites in the past, and had a passion for Beaded Curtains, we decided to take what we had learned and create a place we would like to shop for Door Beads and Beaded Curtains. Hence

Since its creation in 2001, has gotten nothing but kind remarks from happy customers. And we hope to place a few of those great emails and letters online soon. In the meantime, we're sure you will feel the same way whether you order one time or one hundred times.

Thank You For Making Us Your Door Bead and Beaded Curtain Retailer.

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